Thesis UI UX Design '20

Denovo comes from the latin phrase, “from the beginning”. The main aim of the app is to serve as a communal platform that makes living a healthy lifestyle a much more fun and engaging process rather than a strenuous and competitive one. It’s particularly targeted towards those who feel pressured and stressed when it comes to leading a healthy life for themselves. They often fall into believing stereotypes about achieving results in thirty days or six weeks. Living healthily can also be a very lonely process if there is no accompaniment or social support. However, Denovo doesn’t follow the conventional methods of helping you live a healthy lifestyle. Instead, it focuses on gaining your trust in the right way.

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  • Meeting new buddies — Helps you gain a sense of community through the process of matching you with buddies that share similar skill levels and interests as you

  • Exercises — Enables you to choose from a range of exercises that are catered to you based on your preferences and exercise levels

  • Goals — Serves as a healthy reminder as well as rewards you on your achievement and progress of all the exercises you perform with your buddies

  • Events — Keeps you aware and helps you stay organised to have better check on your progress and growth

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  • Denovo promote your inner qualities that showcase personality and character through engaging expressions, questions and prompts

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