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Visual Styling and Branding Deck (for prospective client)

Waves Logo_Finalized-04.png

Design Challenge

The NU Media team was onboarded on a project which demanded the execution of a detailed marketing business plan and design proposal for a business that was seeking a potential opening of an Indoor Roller Skating Rink in Long Island City, New York. My contribution was more heavily focused towards the design proposal which included the visual styling and branding deck, all designed from scratch.


Over the course of 3 weeks, we came up with a strategy to present 3 decks to them. The first deck showcased a general overview of competitor research, market data, and a combination of logotypes. The second deck dived deeper into the visual concepts and aesthetics. The third deck was a comprehensive compilation of the updated marketing business plan and design proposal including the visual styling and branding deck based off the feedback gathered in the previous weeks.   


Marketing Business Plan:

Revenue Projection

Marketing Strategy

Development Timeline

Market Data

Competition Research



Design Proposal:

Logo Design and Development

Brand Story Creation and Development

Visual Identity

I. Full Word Logotype

Waves Logo_Finalized-12.png
Waves Logo_Finalized-16.png
Waves Logo_Finalized-10.png
Waves Logo_Finalized-11.png
Waves Logo_Finalized-14.png

II. Icon Logotype

Waves Logo_Finalized-06.png
Waves Logo_Finalized-18.png
Waves Logo_Finalized-05.png
Waves Logo_Finalized-04.png

III. Icon and Full Word Logotype

Waves Logo_Finalized-25.png
Waves Logo_Finalized-24.png
Waves Logo_Finalized-22.png
Waves Logo_Finalized-23.png

Design System Breakdown

1) When trying to extract the persona of “Wave”/ “Waves”, I first focused on working with word mark and pictorial logotypes that captured the sense of “flow” and “movement”⁠—⁠2 words that were emphasised by the client when asked to describe their business. I started off with monotype logotypes in black and white and later experimented with incorporating the visual outline/silhouette of a “roller skate” itself, both within and outside the the word “Wave/Waves”.



2) The cool tones of the color palette are representative of capturing the ideal mood and atmosphere for Waves’ target audience groups: spirited socializers, date night duos, corporate squads and family units that want to indulge in entertaining experiences and joyful moments involving food and drinks, music, and other festivities in addition to indoor roller skating.

3) Since Waves would be a destination thriving during night hours, the goal was to create a logo that was glowing, reflective, and sleek in the dark. After careful evaluation of its competitors and similar existing franchises, I went ahead and molded a logo that could be envisioned as a neon sign. A neon sign would help Waves stay easily identifiable and embody an electric persona.

Advertising Poster Mockup (1).jpg
Wave Logo Station Boardx3 (1).png
Waves Store front Mockup_1.png
Waves Logo_12.png
Round_Sticker_Mockup (1).png
Waves Pins Mockup (1).png
A4 Paper Mockup Vol 25_2.png
Business card Mockup_1.png


  • Upon progress and feedback, logo usage was expanded to primary, secondary, and tertiary options. a) The primary logo showcases the fully spelled “Waves” which would be used in large scale form as the main storefront logo and billboards. It would be the first visual customers would look at before entering the indoor destination.

    • The secondary logo showcases the “W” silhouette which would be used as and when needed across any social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, or merchandise materials.

    • The tertiary logo showcases a combination of the “W” silhouette and fully spelled “Waves” which would also be used as and when needed, but less frequently.

Next Steps

The client was highly interested in applying all the elements of the visual styling and branding deck to be used in the future, once they finish securing a designated location for Waves in Long Island City, New York. All of it would then be applied to their upcoming website, interior design, merchandise, social media platforms, etc.

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